Virtual Hiring Events That Work

Live Recruit is a virtual hiring event platform that makes it easy to engage potential candidates and fast-track the hiring process.

Create a Virtual Hiring Event in Less Than 5 Minutes

Live Recruit is all about simplicity and the candidate experience. In just minutes, you’ll be on your way to engaging candidates and growing employer brand awareness.

Form Meaningful Connections With Candidates & Fast-Track the Hiring Process

Live Recruit empowers recruiters to effortlessly connect with candidates and expedite the hiring process. The best part? The technology is easy-to-use and built for beginners and experts alike.

Measure Performance & Optimize Your Virtual Hiring Events

With Live Recruit, teams can access comprehensive, real-time analytics — all in one place. The results? Optimized events, higher registration rates, and faster hiring.

Get the Word Out With an Omni-Channel Marketing Approach

A virtual hiring event is only as good as the candidates who attend. Live Recruit helps you achieve your hiring goals by promoting your events on the channels where candidates are most likely to engage. Let our team’s 19+ years of recruitment marketing experience work for you.

Suited for Any Recruitment Team

In-House Recruiters
Use Live Recruit for your internal hiring needs, whether you’re looking to recruit 50 candidates or 5,000.
Recruitment Firms & Headhunters
Create virtual hiring events to fill positions for multiple companies, hire across industries, and attract candidates your clients will love.
Temporary Staffing Agencies
Utilize our virtual hiring event platform to fill short-term positions and connect with multiple candidates quickly.

Live Recruit Is Changing the Game

  • Reduce Cost Per Hire Significantly
  • Build Your Talent Pipeline
  • Shorten Time to Hire
  • Grow Employer Brand Awareness
  • Boost Your Recruitment Team’s Productivity
  • Source Diverse Talent
  • Fast-Track the Hiring Process
  • Increase Attendance With Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Optimize Virtual Hiring Event Performance
  • Create an Event in Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Provide a World-Class Candidate Experience

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